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Herbal Incense, Legal Buds, Herbal Spices, and K2 are BIG and they’re 100% Legal (in most places).    We’re here to help you cut through all the crap and find the best of the best.  We’ll weed out the best deals for you, the best herbal incense blends, and the sites with the best service – because that’s incredibly important when doing business online.

Stay tuned for much more Legal Buds Reviews.  It’s going to be epic!

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White Widow Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/white-widow-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/white-widow-incense-review/#comments Fri, 14 Oct 2011 14:22:25 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=397

White Widow Incense, not to be confused with the White Widow marijuana strain, is an herbal incense blend that is the dogs bollocks!  No, i’m not British – just wanted to use that term ;+)   This stuff is rising the ranks to be a new best-seller amongst the top dogs of the current incense blends and we’ve decided to make it our NEW #1 TOP PICK!  That’s Huge!

white widow herbal incense

Even stronger than Head Trip and Relaxinol – yes probably even Wicked X, White Widow incense is made from 100% organic marshmallow leaf.  But this is no mushy incense!  Warning: DON’T buy this one unless you have some experience with incense and are looking for blends with more potency.  This could almost be considered a “one hitter”.  White Widow incense comes in both Original and Extreme Edition and you won’t go wrong with either one.

We have seen so many versions of White Widow incense for sale on the net, it boggles the mind.  Just like the whole “dank incense” thing.   Which is the “real” White Widow incense or the best one?  No fucking idea, but we can tell you that this particular one (see pic) kicks ass!  As we get to the other ones (if we do), we’ll show you a pic and tell you about those too.

Aroma on this one is not overpowering and effects are knock you on your ass potent.  No paranoia or anything like that, though.  A nice full body experience that bears repeating over and over again for sure.  It’s amazing what you can get from a legal blend – it just seems to keep getting better.  We have a kick ass dealer to refer you to for this one who has the best prices and service on the net that we have found so far.  This one is so popular, that he scrambling day and night to keep it in stock.  Pick this one up for sure and pleeeeze come back and share your review…

white widow incense review


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Wicked X Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/wicked-x-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/wicked-x-review/#comments Sun, 15 Aug 2010 17:52:25 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=31

Wicked X Review

Wicked X has an intensely loyal user base and they’ve clearly earned it.    They’ve created their own unique herbal blend, with several levels of potency from X to XXX and a slew of aromas to choose from.    It’s not only visually appealing but gets top ranking for it’s overall smoothness.

Flavors include: Original, Strawberry, Blueberry, Wintergreen, Grape, Watermelon, Ice, Cotton Candy.   New Flavors:  Bubble Gum & Raspberry

wicked x reviewIf you’re looking for a highly potent spice, be aware that Wicked XXX is known as one of the most potent herbal incense blends on the market.  If you’re worried about the recent DEA substance bans, don’t be with these guys.   As of Dec 1, 2010 all products sold are free of the substances on the DEA’s list is legal every except for Oregon.   Also as of Dec 1, Wicked X Medusa is Shipping and it is Hot!  Wicked X Medusa is available in these Flavors: Original, Blueberry, Grape, Bubble Gum and Black Cherry.  Wicked X Medusa is the shit!  We’ve tested this multiple times and can vouch for it personally.  The new formulation of Wicked XXX is just as good, if not better than the old one.  These guys are on the mark when it comes to herbal incense blends, and that’s why they continue to be at the top of our list.

Just so no one gets bored, Wicked X has also come out with 2 other NEW products - Happy Hour - a new economical herbal incense product and Wicked X Liquid, a one of a kind liquidized form of Wicked X that can be used to increase the potency of your herbal incense by 5x, 10x, or whatever.   The new liquid has been released in Cinnamon, Watermelon, Bubblegum and Cotton Candy Flavors, with surely more to come…  Wicked X Happy Hour is available in: Original, Raspberry, Pina Colada, Passion Fruit, and Orange Crush.

Customers are singing their praises on blogs and forums all over the net and we take note of that here.  Definitely one to put on your list – They have landed on the top of ours!

Here’s the deal though – really – on the Wicked X products.  They are ALL kick ass, high quality, don’t leave you hangin’, off the hook good stuff.  …but, they’re expensive as shit!  I’ve been sending people to these guys for over a year now and that’s what I hear over and over again — too expensive.  So, I’ve hooked up with someone that carries Wicked X products at what should be totally illegal “banned” prices.    I’m not even going to put the prices on here…they’re that low.   So, now when you click on my pretty banners and green button, you’re heading for the Wicked X deal of the century.  Go grab ‘em while supplies last!

wicked x review

wicked x


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Legendary Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/legendary-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/legendary-incense-review/#comments Sat, 05 Nov 2011 21:00:43 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=540

Legendary Herbal Incense is a great incense blend that we were told was comparable to Barely Legal, but cheaper.  Sounds like a plan – let’s check that out.
legendary incense review
Yep - confirmed, it’s good stuff.  Ok, we’ll tell you a little bit more than that.   The incense arrives fresh in a pretty impressive package and I’m digging the graphics on the label.  Inside we found a nice fluffy incense with no stems.  This stuff is said to contain damania and marshmallow leaf, among other things I would assume.     Legendary is definitely a potent blend, possibly considered a “two hitter” for many so be careful starting out with this one.  We found it to be an overall relaxing experience and one that I definitely plan on repeating again very soon.

This is an awesome incense for the price no doubt – starting at just $10. Is it comparable to Barely Legal?  Yeah – I actually preferred this one a bit more so would rate it higher.  I’m all about getting more bang for your buck too.  Hell, you can get a whole ounce of this stuff (28g) for just $100.  That’s amazing!

At any rate, we definitely recommend giving this one a try, particularly now that some of the other popular brands are being pulled, but be sure to use caution if you’re not an experience aromatherapy specialist.  We’re sending you off to the best seller on the net for this stuff with awesome service and a fantastic price.  As always, after you give Legendary Incense a go, come back and share your review.

legendary incense review


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Mr Nice Guy LMAO Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/mr-nice-guy-lmao-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/mr-nice-guy-lmao-review/#comments Mon, 16 Apr 2012 00:53:27 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=615

Mr Nice Guy LMAO incense is the latest blend their new “worldwide legal” line of incense, or 3rd Generation blends – also being termed “Herbal Burnables”.  This one is a keeper and probably one of the best 3rd generation blends to come along to date.
lmao incense review
Packaging, as with all MNG products, is very cool and always humorous (isn’t that what it’s all about?).   The mixture itself is a colorful blend of blues and greens that has a bit of a strong aroma to it and it also burns quite strong as well – maybe borderline “harsh”.  However, I’d consider this a small price to pay if the proper effect is there and with LMAO incense it certainly is, just not for as long as I’d like it to be.   Remember, this is a 50-State legal incense and, that being said, this stuff actually is pretty great and I’d recommend anyone give it whirl.  Expect effects to last 45 minutes at the very most and possibly a bit shorter.

Mr. Nice Guy has been rolling them out and there are more to come in the weeks ahead that we’ll try to stay on top of for you.  Another new blend worth checking out is is their Primo product that we are working on reviewing at this very moment.   As for LMAO Incense, definitely pick this one up if you can find it in stock and be sure to come back and let us know what you think either way.

mr nice guy lmao review


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Crazy Eyes Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/crazy-eyes-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/crazy-eyes-review/#comments Sat, 04 Feb 2012 21:17:49 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=585

Crazy Eyes Herbal Incense is a new legal incense blend that supposedly created specifically for the states of Illinois and Missouri who’d been screwed out of all the fun with their buzz-kill laws.  Not anymore!   This shit is so damn potent, it puts nearly every other blend on the market to shame.  Beware!
Crazy Eyes Incense Review
Doesn’t matter which of the glorious 50 states you live in, this sucker will beat you down.   Made by the same folks that make Mad Hatter and Deew, this one doesn’t even compare and it’s a ride that many of you may be begging to get off.   There is a fruity, peppermint aroma to the blend and it comes out of the bag a bit chunky with a few bonus twigs and such.  However, this is a one-hitter for sure…. or maybe a 1/2-hitter if you can manage that.  I don’t know how many of you like feeling that the room can’t contain you or your racing mind, but brace yourselves.  The effects are strong and intense and can last quite awhile with a bit of a lethargic letdown.

I’m not saying it sucks by any means.  A lot of people search this sort of shit out.  So, if that’s you – here’s the new magic bullet so to speak.  It’s definitely good stuff and, despite the higher price, will last you a bit longer because just a pinch goes a very long way with this one.  If you’re looking to go balls to the wall, check out Crazy Eyes incense and be sure to let us know about your experience.


Crazy Eyes review

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King Tutz Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/king-tutz-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/king-tutz-incense-review/#comments Tue, 25 Oct 2011 22:53:52 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=424

King Tutz herbal incense is a newer blend from the guys that make Legendary (also good).   There are quite a few things that are good about this blend – #1 – It’s so dirt cheap you can line your hamster cage with it (don’t waste it like that though).  #2 – It’s smooth and not overly powerful so is suitable for all levels of incense aficionados – yes, even the newbies.  king tutz incense review Actually, especially the newbies!

The blend has a mixture of marshmallow leaf in it and is nice and fluffy.   The effects from this one come on gradually and last a pretty nice while for an incense this cheap – an hour plus.  The experience was an overall relaxing and mellow one and is considered a perfect blend for those new to aromatherapy or those who like to burn incense on a daily basis.  Want to buy a shitload of this stuff?  No problem!  You can get a whole ounce of King Tutz for just $40.  No, that wasn’t a typo.   That’s a deal for sure.

The guys that we recommend for purchasing this little gem are rising stars in the online  incense world.  They have superior customer service and unbeatable prices, offering the most popular and potent herbal incense blends on the market.  That’s a winning combination.  So, if King Tutz sounds like something that’s up your alley, grab a TON of it and be sure to come back and let us know what you think.

king tutz review


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Naked Lady Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/naked-lady-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/naked-lady-review/#comments Wed, 19 Oct 2011 20:32:11 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=419

Naked Lady Herbal Incense, also known as Naked Lady XXX Potpourri, is marketed as “The most Potent blend on the market!” by the manufacturer.  From our experience with this one, it’s certainly a contender.  This shit is strong and long-lasting and that’s a killer combination for someone that is experienced with incense.  naked lady incense review

As far as potency goes, it’s up there with Barely Legal if not better because of the length that you get out of your aromatherapy session with Naked Lady incense.    This is a very smooth burning incense and it would be hard to imagine any synthetics in here at all.  The blend definitely contains a large amount of marshmallow leaf and it’s a light and fluffy mix – blonde color, no stems to be found.   The aroma is fruity but not overly sweet and very pleasant.  Effects are out of this world extreme – very intense with head rush and some psychedelic action in there too.  Lasting effects well over an hour and a half for us but it could vary and the come down is a period of relaxation.  No headache or negative after-effects either.

This is a killer blend that  should be a must try on any serious incense burner’s list.  It is a bit more expensive than a few of the other blends that we’ve reviewed recently but it’s well worth the extra price and a bag of Naked Lady could last you quite awhile.  If you haven’t tried Naked Lady Incense yet, definitely grab it now before it goes viral and you can’t get it anywhere.  Be sure to come back and share your experience with the rest of us.

naked lady review


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K2 Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/k2-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/k2-review/#comments Tue, 12 Oct 2010 20:25:16 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=35

If you’re looking for herbal incense reviews, there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of K2 and we’d be remiss if we didn’t include this on our site.  In all likelihood, you started your search looking to buy K2 and then came to find that there was a whole other world out there in the form of herbal incense blends.

As far as K2 goes, you have to REALLY cut through a lot of crap to find the good and “true” suppliers online.  There is a lot of finger pointing andk2 summit “scam”-labeling, even “rip-off report” files.  Be careful what you believe as it is all not as it seems on the surface.

We’ve spent a significant amount of time cutting through the dog doo for you and can tell you that these guys are the real deal for K2 and the all the chatter right now is about “K2 Summit”.

They guys we like carry a huge line of K2 products – a ton of different Aromas.  They even have 2 K2 aromas that are legal EVERYWHERE.  That’s right -  You can purchase K2 Sex and other blends even if you live in Kansas or Germany.  And NOW, there is K2 Summit 2.0, that is 50-State Legal!  This K2 is amazing a goes out of stock with regularity.  Definitely grab it if they have it!

As for K2 Summit is a hot blend of potent herbs, botanicals and proprietary ingredients that makes it one of the strongest blends in existence.  Ingredients include South American bay bean and rose – giving the incense a powerful and robust scent.  In the months since we first wrote this review, these guys have added a ton of new flavors and products to their inventory, and some are really unique – such as K2 Blonde, K2 Blue and the new K2 Sky.  They even have several straight herbal incense brands for sale such as “Kick Ass”, Ultra, Mad Hatter, and Deew Incense.  Finally, they have a liquid k2 incense, called “K2 E-Liquid” that can be used in a vaporizer.  This stuff is cool and we are actually putting together an entire liquid herbal incense site to review products like this (stay tuned!….Actually don’t, it’s up —-> http://www.liquidherbalincense.org).

As with any of these mixes, watch out for counterfeits and fakes – they are rampant (and dangerous).  Make sure you are getting the real deal by purchasing through trusted sources.  And these guys are definitely a trusted source!

k-2 herbal

k2 incense


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Panic Herbal Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/panic-herbal-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/panic-herbal-incense-review/#comments Fri, 16 Dec 2011 01:39:17 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=569

When I first saw the packaging for Mr. Nice Guy’s Panic Incense, I thought – Is this really what I want to feel like after I burn this shit?  And, if the answer is NO, which it is, who in their right mind really would?  Shit – I think I’m just showing my age here.  I can see if you’re going out to a club or something and wanted some really intense experience.

Anyway, ever the guinea pig and being an experienced herbal incense burner anyway, I dug in and braced myself for some sort of wild ride.  And I got one.  Caution to the mr nice guy panic reviewnewbies and the faint of heart on this one.  Take a good hard look at the label and take heed.  Yes, it’s powerful and packs a serious punch.  It comes on fast too.  I’d call this a “one hitter” unless you’re just a balls to the wall person, or stupid.   However, it also comes to a screeching  halt rather quickly as well – maybe 30 minutes max.   This is a unique Mr. Nice Guy blend for sure and I can say that I’m glad I gave it a try but it’s really not my sort of ride.  I suspect that it will be for many of you though.   The aroma was actually very nice – this was a blueberry scent but not overly sweet.

Rest assured, this is the NEW, improved Panic Incense from Mr. Nice Guy that we’re talking about here.  The shit is strong for sure.  Obviously –  Panic is listed as not for human consumption and does NOT Contain: JWH-081, JWH-019, JWH-018, JWH-073, HU-211, JWH-015, JWH-200, JWH-250, HU-210, CP47, 497 Along with Stimulant BZP and TFMPP.  There are plenty of fakes out there so be careful where you pick it up, especially if someone is trying to replicate something this powerful.  You’ll either get a dud or something wickedly dangerous.    The only downside to this one, apart from your heart potentially flying out of your chest, is the price.   It is up there at over $20 for 1G, however – again “1 Hitter” guys.   If you pick up some Panic Incense – or already have – let us know what you think.

panic incense review

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Demon Free Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/demon-free-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/demon-free-incense-review/#comments Tue, 15 Nov 2011 21:57:16 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=547

Demon Free herbal incense is a new 50 state legal incense blend that is considered to be a “3rd generation” legal blend (owing to all of the ridiculous bans), and frankly one of the best 50 State Legal blendson the market right now.

demon free incense review

Made by “Flaroma”, Demon has been around for a couple of years now, along with another product that they make – Bayou Blaster.  These guys are very specific on their packaging about what the blend does NOT include, and this is verbatim from the back of their Demon Free incense package:  ”Does not contain… any compound, mixture, or preparation which contains any quantity of a synthetic cannabinoid whether salts, isomers, homologues and/or analogues of the following groups; naphthoylindoles, naphthylmethylindoles, naphthylmethylindenes, naphthoylpyrroles, naphthoylphenylpyrroles, phenylacetylindoles, cyclohexylphenols, dibenzopyrans, and benzoylindoles.

So, barring all that shit, what’s left?  I dunno but I guess Flaroma does because they’ve put together a very nice product here and it does have some potency to it, although not on par with the other blends on our list.  But still – if you’re in a State that’s put the banhammer down, Demon Free is the top blend we’ve found so far that fits the bill.  The effects are overall relaxing and it may be a bit more than a “two hitter” for many experienced incense burners.  The aroma with Demon Free is a bit sweet but not overpoweringly so as you can find with some blends.  I hate super sweet stuff.

So, if you’re in one of the buzz kill State and looking for a good, potent 50 State Legal blend, give this one a try for sure.  Bayou Blaster Redoux is also 50 State Legal and sold by these same guys that we’re referring you to for the Demon Free.  That’s a nice one also.   Hit the button below to grab your first order of Demon Free Incense and come back here and share your experience after your aromatherapy session.

demon free incense


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Zombie Matter Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/zombie-matter-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/zombie-matter-review/#comments Tue, 13 Sep 2011 22:05:55 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=359

Zombie Matter incense has been around for quite a few months now but the attention around this one is picking up fast.   Zombie Matter actually has a whole line, with different flavors and they are now selling Zombie Matter Ultra which is what we got our hands on.     For whatever reason, the incense itself is made to look like “zombie matter” – interesting.     As we said, they have different flavors:  Original, Dawn (Mango), Dusk (Juicy Fruit), After Dark (Strawberry), Midnight (Root Beer), Twilight (Blueberry).  We tested out the Twilight – Blueberry incense blend.

zombie matter herbal incense

Zombie Matter is a very worthy blend, a close comparison to “Down2Earth” maybe.    The effect from Zombie matter is more of a full body effect with definite euphoria a very long period of relaxation.  A session may last from  40-90 minutes.  There were no anxiety side effects with Zombie Matter and it was an all-around pleasant experience.   A definite repeater for sure.

Zombie Matter can be had at quite a few places online but we actually picked it up on Amazon.   Awhile back, Amazon stopped allowing herbal incense sales and kicked sellers, like Phat Pugs out, but looks like they’ve had a change of heart as there are now some good deals on herbal incense on Amazon again.  These guys (LazyCakes) are a trusted seller too.  Check out Zombie Matter and, regardless of where you grab it, come back in here and share your thoughts.
zombie matter review

zombie matter review

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Mr Nice Guy Jeffrey Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/mr-nice-guy-jeffrey-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/mr-nice-guy-jeffrey-review/#comments Thu, 29 Mar 2012 00:22:56 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=567

Mr. Nice Guy Jeffrey, which was once a powerhouse in the 2G, is now just “meh” in it’s 3G form.  We didn’t get a review up for the 2G (dropped the ball) – but it was good stuff.  No longer available though so it’s a moot point.
jeffrey incense review
What you will get with Jeffrey now is still a nice burning incense, but probably one of the weaker of the Mr. Nice Guy blends.  But, honestly, all of their blends are pretty damn great so I wouldn’t pass this one by if you haven’t at least tried it out.   If you check out other reviews of Jeffrey on the net, most are touting it to be “the shit” and one that will knock you on your ass.  Probably not the case anymore unless you are a complete newbie or just really overdo.  The blend does burn smooth and the effects last a so-so duration that make it one worth trying out.

As usual, we have a kick ass dealer to refer you to for this one who has the best prices and service on the net that we have found so far.  This one does continue to be popular and sells out at times, so if you want to give it a try, jump on it if it’s in stock.  Pick this one up for sure and paleeeeze come back and share your review…

jeffery incense review

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Barely Legal Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/barely-legal-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/barely-legal-incense-review/#comments Fri, 30 Sep 2011 18:24:00 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=412

Barely Legal Incense is an herbal incense blend that is finally coming into it’s own.  This one did not have a promising start.  First, there were the suspected “planted” rumours that it was a Mr. Nice Guy product.  It’s not.  Then, there were allegations of weight shortages in packages.   The blend, when initially released, was meh…barely legal incense

However, NOW – times have changed, blends have changed and things are turning around for the Barely Legal blend.  They’ve revamped their packaging a bit – it’s still cool.  Barely Legal now comes in 1.5g packages that, in our tests, when you weigh the contents weigh – 1.5g.  Nice.   And – the incense is good stuff.   The main barely legal blend has hints of coffee and chocolate in the aroma, which are awesome!  The burn is very smooth and this incense packs a serious punch.  There are plenty of reports of people overdoing it with this one so we treated it as a “2-hitter” and it pretty much is.

Barely Legal incense gives off a serious head rush and can play some freak mind games, but it’s a cool incense and way potent for sure.   There is also the new “Barely Legal Express” incense, which is described as 75% the aroma of the regular, just meaning that you would burn a bit more of it for the same effect.  We didn’t sample this one so let us know your thoughts on it if you do.  Barely Legal Incense, in it’s new form, is defintely a worthy incense and totally affordable at the place we picked it up from.  As always, after you give this new version a go, come back and share your review.

barely legal incense review

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Dank Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/dank-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/dank-incense-review/#comments Sat, 20 Aug 2011 20:56:57 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=355

How many different “Dank” Incense blends are there out there?  N0 idea – that why we asked.  But there’s a shitload.  Anyway, this one has made it to the top of the heap as the “dankest” of the Dank Incense blends.   Check out the pics – that’s the one we’re talking about.

dank herbal incense

Dank Incense has been out for awhile and it’s great stuff.    The one we’ve been trying out is a pineapple aroma blend and it definitely delivers as advertised.   There are possibly other aromas out there – orange, coffee and
strawberry but we haven’t gotten our hands on those.   Considered a “two-hitter”, there’s no doubt.   Be extra cautious with Dank Incense and don’t overdo it the first time out with this one.  This is a really smooth blend and it’s super affordable – under $10.  You’re really getting a lot of bang for your buck here.The effect from Dank?  Personally, I thought it was awesome – just the sort of effect that I enjoy… a bit of a rush with plenty of euphoria thrown in and a nice period of relaxation.  No crappy let down effects, no chemical after-taste.  This is a great incense.  Definitely a recommended try.

You can probably grab Dank on ebay, but who knows if it’s real or not.   We do have a nice source that has great prices for this one.   It’s a newer site but owned by a company that has been in business since the early 1970′s that has a fantastic reputation for offering killer products and services of this particular sort.    As a testament to that, they offer a 100% money back guarantee which most companies do not.  If you’re looking to buy Dank herbal incense online, this is the spot to do it.  As always, once you grab your dank good and take them for a spin, don’t forget to come back and share your experience.

dank incense review

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Stuk Herbal Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/stuk-herbal-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/stuk-herbal-incense-review/#comments Tue, 26 Jul 2011 14:14:13 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=333

Stuk Herbal Incense blend is the latest from Mr. Nice Guy blends. After having a succession of their herbal blends pulled from the market due to dea chem “bans”, this sort of left them “stuk!”. Anyway, on with the new blend, which is the shit! Just as good, if not better than the original!stuk herbal incense review

So, the aroma that comes off of Stuk! is citrusy, like lemon/lime maybe and very pleasant. I’m not a big fan of the really sweet stuff so this is great.  Stuk! herbal incense is one that needs to be respected just like the original MNG, as it is super potent and will knock you on your ass if you overdo it. A friend, who is inexperienced w/ incense, did way to much and was virtually paralyzed for over an hour. Aside from that, just start slow with the stuff and you’ll be loving it. It’s a killer incense that burns really clean, no chemical taste or feeling to it at all.

The guys at MNG have a really good sense of what works and there’s no doubt that just about any blend that they release is going to be a hit. This one is no different and we hope that it is able to stay on the market longer than the previous ones. We’ve actually found an online retailer who keeps this in stock in a ton of different quantities AND has it on sale. These guys have great service too and this is where we pick it up from. After you give Stuk! a try, or if you’ve already given it a run, be sure to share your Stuk incense review.

stuk herbal incense review



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Mad Hatter Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/mad-hatter-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/mad-hatter-incense-review/#comments Sun, 25 Sep 2011 17:35:58 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=370

Mad Hatter Herbal Incense is the latest incense blend release from Cloud 9 that has quickly become their best selling Cloud 9 product ever.   We’ve tried it and it’s kick ass – however – the effects don’t last as long as some other incense blends.  This is really a great incense imo, regardless.  Mad Hatter Herbal Incense

Mad Hatter incense is made from 100% natural herbal extracts – no info other than that.   It is a very fine and fluffy incense, though – more so than some others.   It has a very nice aroma and a nice taste to it, with blueberry and hints of menthol maybe.  The effects from Mad Hatter incense are very intense and come on almost immediately, which was kind of cool or scary depending on your perspective.   The effects also stop quite suddenly as well, anywhere from 40-60 minutes later, with little to no after effects whatsover, which is an awesome thing with an incense blend.

Overall, this was a good experience and a recommended try.  Definitely grab the 3g pack of this stuff, it’s well worth it and the guys that we bought it from were straight up.  After you give Mad Hatter a whirl, or if you already have, be sure to leave your review for the rest of us.

mad hatter incense review

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The BestSalvia Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/the-best-salvia-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/the-best-salvia-review/#comments Fri, 22 Oct 2010 21:28:36 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=92

Aside from just herbal incense and K2, you’ve likely heard that “Salvia” is pretty slammin’ and something that you should try to get your hands on.  Jump around on enough herbal incense sites and you’ll see most people asking simply if their particular blends contain “Salvia”.  Most don’t.  What most people don’t understand is that there are many different kinds of Salvia and, if you’re jumping online just looking to score some “Salvia”, you’ll likely find some.  Will you find the right kind?  (you know…the one that’s ‘pretty slammin”).   Maybe not.

Here’s where we’d like to help.   Salvia, also known as Sage, has over 900 different species and are generally planted for either ornamental purposes or for use as herbs.  Telling the different variations of Salvia apart requires some special knowledge but the particular one that we are interested in here is Salvia Divinorum, also known as diviner’s sage.

Salvia Divinorum has a long history of use in Mexico for medicinal and spiritual healing purposes and it is a psychoactive plant.  The actual plant, Salvia Divinorum, is mainly found in 3 parts of the world:  Southern Mexico, Central America and South America.   The active component, salvinorinA, is a strong hallucinogen.  The plant comes in the form of seeds, leaves or extracts and the effects of it’s use are considered to be very strong.

So, if it’s that strong it must be illegal right?  Nope.  Not illegal (except in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Spain).  The big deal here is really that the effects are extremely intense and it is possible to have a wickedly bad experience with Salvia if you haven’t done your homework and you decided to buy some low quality or unknown extract.  I like Salvia but it’s a bit different than incense.  If you haven’t tried though and can (ie – legal where you are) – definitely do it while you can.

That being said, we highly recommend thebestsalvia.com as a trusted source of lab tested, quality ensured Salvia Divinorum.  Not only that, they have excellent service and killer prices.  You can’t beat that and you get the bonus peace of mind that comes with using a trusted source.

the best salvia review

buy salvia

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Bayou Blaster Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/bayou-blaster-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/bayou-blaster-review/#comments Mon, 10 Oct 2011 00:43:41 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=434

Bayou Blaster herbal incense, a “swamp filled potourri”, has become very popular in recent months.  It does have a cool name and package.  There’s got to be more to it than that, right?  Of course there is – It’s good stuff too.    The best selling product from the guys at DaScents, Bayou Blaster comes in several aromas – Original, Strawberry, Demon. bayou blaster review The Strawberry is a bit too strong imo but others like sweet shit more than I do.  The Original is a bit smoother as is the Demon.

As for strength and effects, Bayou Blaster packs a nice punch and expect to get hit pretty quickly.  Aside from that it’s not overly intense and a great incense blend for newbies and daily herbal incense smokers alike.  One of the reasons it maintains it’s popularity, is likely due to fewer people going off the reservation with this one and reporting negative effects.  While that’s possible with just about any incense blend, this one is a smooth ride with a nice rush and some wicked cool psychedelic gifts thrown in as well.  Effects may last well over an hour with little to no after effects to speak of.

Finally, another great thing about Bayou Blaster incense is the price.  Starting at just $10.99, anyone can pick this one up for some killer aromatherapy sessions.  Definitely a recommended try, particularly for new incense smokers and those who just don’t like their ass handed to them every time they pick up a bag of incense.   There is also the 50-State Legal Bayou Blaster Redoux for the unlucky saps in the buzz-kill states.  Certified not to contain any of the “banned” substances, Bayou Blaster Redoux is also a very worth blend worth checking out and is just a few more bucks than the original.  After you blast off with Bayou Blaster (had to say that), jump back in here and tell us about it.

bayou blaster review


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Legal Buds Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/legal-buds-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/legal-buds-review/#comments Tue, 19 Apr 2011 00:39:48 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=230

LegalBuds.com is the place hit online for the largest and best selection of Legal Bud. I have been remiss in not including their review until now. These guys have been in the business of bringing Killer Legal Bud to over 1 Million loyal customers since 1998 and are not one of the new “players” on the net that has just thrown up a site. They sell quality stuff, have the operations in place to get it to your door when promised, at a super fair price.  A lot of people rag on these guys as having “fake” or harsh stuff but they do have some quality buds and this stuff is a bit different than the loose incense that you get in the other reviews.  Not better, or worse, just different.  It’s the actual “bud” consistency that many look for, you know sticky bud – look at the pics.

Now, obviously I can’t go through every product that they sell but I’m going to tell you what kicks ass and the legal buds that are my faves. #1 is the Orange Krush. This orange krush reviewstuff rocks! From the Peruvian jungle in South America, this is one of the most potent herbal buds I have ever tried and this is the only place that you can get it. The bud has a sweet citrus smell to it and has little red hairs in it. I’m big on taste as well as effect and this one is good. Next is the Hawaiian Haze, which is the “new and improved” strain of Hawaiian Gold Bud. If you’ve tried the Hawaiian Gold Bud, you know that it’s super potent. Same with the new strain – It is, without a doubt, the world’s strongest legal bud. It comes very fresh and actually has a very smooth taste and aroma.

Another favorite, partially for the look, is the Dutch Green Bud. It is the greenest legal bud I’ve ever seen in my life! This stuff is grown hydroponically and LegalBuds says it’s their “best seller” and that they get tons of return customers for this one. I can tell you that this is some of the highest quality legal bud I’ve seen and the aroma will just knock you out. On this one they give the ingredients as: poppy flowers, chesteya bud, hybrid strains of wild dagga buds, flowers leonurus sibricus extract. Ok, finally – the Blueberry hawaiian haze reviewHerbal Hybrid Buds are also a must-try. I told you, I like the “taste” of the buds, but this one is also highly potent and comes super fresh. It has those cool red hairs in it and a great blueberry scent.

So, those are my faves but there are a ton of others to sample there – the #1 listed on their site is “Bubble Gum Kush Legal Bud” but I hate bubble gum so can’t review that one for you. Jamaican Gold Bud, Maui Hybrid, and Black Magic Herbal Solid Concentrate are few others you may want to check out as well. Can’t decided? Even better! They have a whole Combos Page where you can put together your own Legal Buds Combo Package or grab one of their Pre-Made Combo Packages of premium legal bud samplers. How do you think I figured out which ones I liked the best from these guys?

As said before, all Legal Bud sold here is 100% Legal in every country and state, containing no chemicals or additives. Legalbud.com uses only natural and organic ingredients and NO JWH. Order over $150 worth of stuff (easy to do) and get free shipping. Order just $25 worth of stuff and get a Free Bud! bonus in your order! Legalbuds.com stands behind their products and services with a generous return policy and has a ton of satisfied customers and testimonials.  If you’re in one of the states that has so much shit banned that you just can’t seem to buy anything or want to try something different from the loose incense blends (which rock by the way), give these guys a shot.  With a great range of products, killer prices and a long-standing record of returning happy customers, I definitely give LegalBuds.com my recommendation as the exclusive source for any of these products.

legal buds review

legal buds review

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Hops Hash Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/hops-hash-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/hops-hash-review/#comments Wed, 07 Sep 2011 02:44:08 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=340

Hops Hash is definitely something differently.  WTF – smoking hops?  As in the shit used to make beer?  Yep – that’s it.  So effed up we had to give it a try and investigate further.

What most people don’t realize is that hops is closely related to the cannabis plant.  No, you’re not getting any THC here, but there are  chemicals in hops that act as sedative and hypnotics.  Now, that’s interesting!  Hops hash is actually made from the resin – left over from buy Hops Hashhops processing.  If you know anything about resin, it’s potent shit.  In fact, it takes 50kg of hops to make 1 gram of resin.  The hops resin is dried in to these blocks that look like green brownies and the “hops hash” is smoked.  When consumed, it produces both stimulant and calming sensations at the same time.

As for our experience with this green monster, it was pretty cool.  Totally different than burning incense but also extremely powerful and potent stuff with little in the way of negative after-effects.  This was a full-body experience and definitely one worth repeating.  Better yet, this stuff is legal everywhere!

It’s sold in 5 gram, 10g and 30g lots.  These guys have a ton of satisfied customers and back up their product with a money back guarantee, which is what we like to see.

You can get high legally with Hops Hash, and never worry because it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or any analog of it, and will not be detected during drug screening tests.   These guys have customers in over 50 countries,  and, for a limited time, offer FREE world wide shipping.  Give Hops Hash a try and be sure to come back and let us know about your experience.

hops hash review

hops hash review

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HerbalJoint Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/herbaljoint-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/herbaljoint-review/#comments Sun, 05 Jun 2011 02:03:54 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=284

HerbalJoint, also know as the Herbal Incense Megastore has a fantastic selection of potent legal buds to choose from.  These guys are based in California and none of their products contain JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47, 497, or cannabicyclohexanol.   Unfortunately, they are no longer accepting order from Louisiana or Florida.Crazy Clown Herbal Incense

However, assuming you are not in one of those locations, you’re in luck because they have some killer legal weed.   We can’t review them all but a couple of the top sellers and our faves are: Crazy Clown  and Hollywood Nights Herbal Incense.  There are many varieties of this one, all super strong but the new Crazy Clown Herbal Madness 5X Spice takes the prize for knock out potency.  Don’t touch this stuff unless you are experienced in burning incense.  Next is the Hollywood Nights Herbal Incense line that is a huge seller because it has a ton of flavors to choose from like: Strawberry, Spearmint, Orange, Vanilla, Grape, Coconut, Close, Blueberry, Cherry, and Original.  Whew!  Not only that, there is now a Hollywood Nights Extreme Strength that is twice as strong as the original.hollywood nights incense review

That’s just a few but there are plenty of other Extreme legal buds brands to choose from like XXX-treme Herbal Incense, Kabuki Extreme, Killer Grams XXX, and more.  There are plenty of other mellower brands as well like Relaxxx Herbal Incense to try out.  These guys have live chat support during the week and offer Free Shipping for orders over $30.00.  They do not offer returns on opened incense unless they made some sort of shipping error to you.     There are some great legal bud buys here and the prices are nice as well.  If you jump on any of our recommendations, or find another one on their site that you try and is awesome, let us know.

herbaljoint review

herbal joint review

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GreatAmerican Herbal Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/greatamericanherbal-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/greatamericanherbal-review/#comments Fri, 03 Jun 2011 02:10:16 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=290

GreatAmericanHerbal is an herbal incense seller that has a good selection of quality herbal incense at very good prices.   They have their own label – Great American Herbal Incense – that comes in a variety of potency’s.  The herbal blend is potent but very smooth and comes in up to 5X strength, which is strong so be cautious!rapture incense review

An awesome legal bud that GreatAmerican sells is called Rapture Herbal Incense and this stuff is smooth and very aromatic.  Some of the best we’ve found in awhile – a definite must try.    Finally, we haven’t sampled this one but they also sell a line called Toxic Biohazard Herbal Incense from regular up to 5X strength.  It’s supposed to be the strongest blend they carry, so – if you give it a burn, let us know what you think.

toxic herbal incense review

GreatAmericanHerbal takes major credit cards and ship via UPS.  You get free shipping for orders over $50.00.  They offer live support but will not give returns on opened products, so be aware of that.  Otherwise, their prices and legal bud products are a great deal and we recommend you give them a shot.

great american herbal review

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SalviaMonster Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/salviamonster-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/salviamonster-review/#comments Wed, 29 Dec 2010 19:20:59 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=120

SalviaMonster is a bit of a newer site on the scene that has a Killer Selection of Salvia for sale, Herbal Spices and even a full line of fresh Kratom products.  They have their own herbal incense label called “Monster Mayhem” that has been updated and is legal in 46 U.S. States and also a selection of mixes that are legal in ALL U.S. States and all of Europe.  They also carry Chill Spice that has been updated and is legal in 46 U.S. States – coming in 8 flavors, from 7 gram packages up to 1 Kilo!

Salvia (aka Salvia Divinorum) can be purchased in both Extract and Leaf form – all 100% Organic.  The organic Salvia Extract is hand picked in Oaxaca, Mexico and sent to Europe for the special extraction process.  The extract is available in 1 gram 5x strength up to 100x strength, starting at just $12.99.   The organic Salvia Dried Leaves are available in 1 0z. packages up to 1 Kilo, starting at just $18.99.

Interested in giving Kratom a try? …or now just really wondering what that is?  Well, they have a full line of Kratom Products as well and growing.  SalviaMonster is one of the few vendors in the U.S. that offers fresh Kratom with a grinding service.  Something to check out for sure.

SalviaMonster has a fantastic amount of educational information on their site to go along with their products and help you make the right choices (not just the most expensive ones) and get a good idea about Salvia effects before jumping in.  They ship worldwide and ship (as well as bill) discreetly.  They even ship to PO Boxes, APO and FPO boxes!  Their chat function is almost always “on” should you have questions or require support when you’re ready to buy Salvia and they offer exchanges on unopened packages of incense only (not Salvia).

SalviaMonster has a fantastic lineup of products and has made educating and taking care of their customers as a top priority.  They get our recommendation as a quality Salvia source.  Come back and let us know what you think!

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White Rabbit Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/white-rabbit-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/white-rabbit-incense-review/#comments Fri, 27 Jan 2012 00:17:09 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=591

White Rabbit herbal incense, which is actually called White Rabbit Intergalactic Bunny Organics, is a newer 50-state legal blend that’s, well, just ok.   If you’re new to burning incense, this may be a great introduction herbal smoke.  If you’re looking for something that will knock you on your ass, keep looking.white rabbit incense review

White Rabbit herbal incense comes in a few different flavors, such as blueberry and that is also, just ok.  It doesn’t have a really smooth burn to it and the taste isn’t something that i’d put on my list to repeat over and over again.  It wasn’t nasty though.   The effect was decent for a 50-state legal blend but there are other blends that are much better.  The duration was a bit less than an hour with no noticeable after effects.

If you are in one of the states with all of the brutal regulations, maybe give it a shot.  It’s not overly expensive and it will get the job done… at some point.  Just know that it’s not even close to being in league with some of the other blends still on the market.  If you grab some White Rabbit Intergalactic Bunny Organics (love the name) or have already given it a whirl, be sure to let us know what you think.

white rabbit incense

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Serenity Now Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/serenity-now-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/serenity-now-review/#comments Sun, 15 Aug 2010 15:16:06 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=25

Serenity Now is gaining quite a bit of popularity due to it’s high potency and smoothness.  Made in New Orleans, Louisiana, it is available in Vanilla Honey, Blueberry, Strawberry, Grape, Spearmint, Mango, and Apple aromas.

They are quite protective of their product and trademarks and are adamant about not selling or shipping to any states that have passed laws banning any ingredients used in their products.  These would include:   Arkansas, Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota or Tennessee.

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Phatpugs Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/phatpugs-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/phatpugs-review/#comments Thu, 12 Aug 2010 14:21:51 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=19

These guys would be in our top pick in a bunch of categories except that they have been going through some growing pains for awhile now.  To be expected and we are confident that they will be overcome.

Like Wicked X, Phatpugs has an intensely loyal user base.    The product is outstanding, with a great aroma and several choices like: Cherry Mint, Blueberry, HubbaBubba, Naked, Vanilla Chai, and Australian GrAppleBerry.  They don’t use any harsh solvents or dyes in their process and the spice is a blend of 7 natural extracts.  The potency of Phatpugs’ spice is very high compared to it’s competitors and they have a very loyal customer base because of it.

Amazon sales are currently a “no-go” and not likely that they will return.  However, you can still go straight to the Phatpugs site.  Phatpugs also prides itself on top notch customer service.  Shipping and support response is lightning fast and that’s what we like to see.

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LJ Herbals Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/lj-herbals-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/lj-herbals-review/#comments Sat, 15 Jan 2011 22:55:32 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=142

LJ Herbals is an herbal incense blend that is starting to get a lot of attention and recognition for it’s fantastic smooth burn and powerful punch.  The latest and greatest from LJ Herbals is their Black Dynamite blend which is a huge hit for it’s incredible potency.  Also packing a punch is their LJ Hulk with it’s power and scent resembling a grape liqueur.  Looking for the sweet and tasty incense blends?  They have those too.  Check out the tropical Pineapple Xpress blend, the LJ Crimson with it’s bubblegum and strawberry aroma and finally, the LJ Evergreen with it’s burst of of refreshing Mint.LJ Herbals Review

Can’t decide?  Even better!  LJ Herbals has an LJ Sample Pack that is an awesome value, where you get to sample all of these scents, including the killer LJ Black Dynamite and figure out which one is your favorite LJ herbal incense blend.  These guys offer Free Shipping and have a slew of happy and satisfied customers.    This is just one of the testimonials that we got from LJ (there are more in our sidebar):

“I own a Smoke shop in Austin Texas and love working with local companies.  The Owners of LJ Herbals have put forth a lot of effort in designing their blend.  From the flavor and potency down to the careful selection of organic herbs, they went the extra mile and it shows. There is nothing that comes close to this stuff, it flies off my shelves.”
-Eddie   Owner/SmokeATX

LJ Herbals can only be purchased online through LJ Herbals website.  If you see it online anyplace else, take caution as it is likely a fake.  We absolutely recommend LJ Herbals as a trusted source of quality herbal incense.   Give them a try and be sure to come back and give us your report.

LJ has extended us a special discount code just for our readers – Limited Time.  10% off ALL ORDERS.  Use this code at checkout:  HIRORG.

Update: LJ no longer takes online orders.  You have to call them.  Because of this, we’ve downgraded the service rating because it’s just a f’ing hassle.  The blend is still good and, if you want to order, click through and give them a call.

lj herbals review

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Relaxinol Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/relaxinol-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/relaxinol-review/#comments Sun, 23 Oct 2011 22:00:32 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=375

Relaxinol Herbal Incense from the makers of Mr. Nice Guy isn’t a new incense blend on the market.  We just suck and haven’t gotten around to reviewing it until now.   That doesn’t mean that Relaxinol sucks, though.  Far from it – this stuff is off the hook, knock you on your ass into next week, potent as shit!

relaxinol incense

The herbs themselves are actually quite pretty to look at and are soft and fluffy – nice.  The aroma, and subsequent taste, is that of cherry but not too sweet or overwhelming for those who aren’t into the sweet stuff. This seems to have just the right amount of aroma to it.  As for the potency, it is way more potent than Stuk!.   It can probably be considered a “two-hitter” for most so take that into account when looking at the quantity and price, which is extremely reasonable.   If you’re a first-timer, certainly take it easy and ease your way into a blend like Relaxinol.

We’d have to say that we’re really pissed about waiting this long on this one as it’s turned out to be one of the favorites so far and definitely our favorite blend from Mr. Nice Guy.   Could have been the label that just didn’t give the impression that it was going to “rock” – but it really does.  Without a doubt, if you haven’t picked up a Relaxinol yet, do it now!  This shit is the bomb!

Update:  Unfortunately, this one appears to be going away via the new bans, so we’re dropping it down on the list.  It’s not that it sucks – just that you can’t get it and we don’t want to be a tease….  (if things change, it’ll be moved back up).

relaxinol review




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Head Trip Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/head-trip-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/head-trip-incense-review/#comments Sun, 24 Jul 2011 19:06:54 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=323

Head Trip incense is one of the hottest herbal incense blends on the market right now – and we’ve screwed up royally by not reviewing it sooner.  Our bad.   Let’s fix that pronto.   head trip incense

This shit is sick!  Made by Soul Meds, Head Trip herbal incense contains none of the “banned” substances – but don’t let that fact lull you into a state of false bravado.  It is extremely potent and worthy of respect.   We started off with just a little bit, less than with other blends, and are glad we did.  That was plenty for a first run with the stuff.   The second time, it was ok to get a little bolder, but not much.  Trust me, too much and your experience could start to go south.   Also, there are a ton of reports, and we can confirm, that Head Trip incense can make you amorous (ie – horny).  It happens, so make arrangements for that.

While the possibility always exists to pick up stuff like this at your local gas station, we never recommend that, particularly with something as popular as Head Trip.  It’s a virtual guarantee that there are a million counterfeits of this stuff out there by now.  In fact, in our very unscientific research, we’ve found that over half of the online listings for Head Trip Incense are for FAKE goods.   So, to protect your wallet and our rep,  we want to make sure that you get the real deal for your money – so we spent the time to test the stuff from trusted sites on the net.

This one is a great one.  These guys are killing it left and right with both pricing competitiveness and quality service.  You get your stuff fast and it’s the real deal every time.   If you’re looking to buy Head Trip incense online, this is the spot to do it.  As always, once you get your goods and try them out, don’t forget to come back and share your experience.

Update:  Unfortunately, this one may be going away via the new bans, so we’re dropping down on the list.  It’s not that it sucks – just that you can’t get it and we don’t want to be a tease….  (if things change, it’ll be moved back up).

head trip incense

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Zero Gravity Incense Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/zero-gravity-incense-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/zero-gravity-incense-review/#comments Wed, 05 Oct 2011 16:54:00 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=406

Zero Gravity Herbal Incense is another incense blend that is killing it right now for several reasons.  It comes in a multitude of aromas to suit most every incense burner’s desire – Blueberry, Watermelon, Strawberry and “Hypnotic”.  Also, it is a potent blend yet one that’s not likely to knock you on your ass like White Widow or Head Trip.   Now, that being said, it’s still important to use caution with Zero Gravity as there’s always the potential for overdoing it with one like this.   This incense is a “two-hitter” at most.Zero gravity incense review

Zero Gravity is a very smooth burning herbal incense that will give a super relaxing effect from anywhere to 1 hour to as long as 90 minutes or so before tapering off.   Regardless of which aroma you pick, you won’t be disappointed but the Blueberry is definitely a favorite and not overpowering at all.   No negative after-effects from our experiences with this one.  Here’s the best part – killer price!  This stuff starts at just $7.50.  I’d buy more than the little bag of it though, because it’s awesome!

These guys we recommend know how to keep prices down and quality service up.  They are one in a million in the bucket loads of incense dealers on the net right now and they are growing a rep as the go-to spot for the best incense brands.  We’re believers – Hit the button below to grab your first order of Zero Gravity Incense and come back here and share your experience after your aromatherapy session.

Update:  Unfortunately, this is another one that may be going away via the new bans, so we’re dropping down on the list.  It’s not that it sucks – just that you can’t get it and we don’t want to be a tease….  (if things change, it’ll be moved back up).

zero gravity incense

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ColombianGold Reviewhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/colombiangold-review/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-reviews/colombiangold-review/#comments Tue, 31 May 2011 23:46:40 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=279

Colombian Gold Herbal Incense is a new, very potent, legal bud that is made in New Zealand from local and imported herbal blends. Colombian Gold contains no illegal ingredients, no nicotine or tobacco. The smoke of this legal weed is potent, powerful, yet very smooth and the ingredients act as an agonist at both the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors. This stuff works – and well! It is 10x strength so use just a bit (maybe 0.1g) to start.

These guys have a ton of satisfied customers and back up their product with a money back guarantee, which is what we like to see.

You can get high legally with COLOMBIAN GOLD, and never worry because it does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or any analog of it, and will not be detected during drug screening tests.   These guys have customers in over 50 countries,  and, for a limited time, offer FREE world wide shipping.

UPDATE – Hell – just learned that these guys have suspended sales.  Legal BS again.  Whatever.    They do have a cool shop, so if you click the link, I’ve re-directed to there.  Also did a new review on Hops Hash, which we just tried out recently and was great stuff.

columbian gold review

columbian gold review

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Changes in Laws that Affect Your Herbal Incense Blendshttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/changes-in-laws-that-affect-your-herbal-incense-blends/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/changes-in-laws-that-affect-your-herbal-incense-blends/#comments Tue, 05 Jun 2012 09:36:14 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=623

Herbal incense products are known and used since years for the pleasant feeling that they offer. The company’s manufacturing these products makes them available in many accessible proportions and strengths which could be fatal if not regulated. People are known to misuse this effect of the Herbal incense to get legal highs. Some countries and regions have hence opted to ban or regulate the sales and use of Herbal incense for the similar fatal purposes.herbal incense

Herbal incense is widely used in the aroma therapy procedure and gives the desired pleasant feeling which helps combat many depressive feelings. It helps relax, bust stress and get a high. The laws pertaining to the production and sale of Herbal incense can be misused. These products are legally and illegally available and are even found to be made with knowledge of herbs. The laws restrict their production in some states and it hence puts a ban on their widespread use.

Herbal incense blends affected

When Herbal incense are banned there are either no herbs allowed to make them or certain non harmful ones that are allowed. The blends of the Herbal incense are hence affected with the laws that govern the use of Herbal incense. The legal highs are then not explained if they are achieved using illegal products that make these herbs more effective in an unhealthy way. There have been laws formulated to curb the excessive use which can lead to fatal incidents. When certain herbs are allowed then the availability of other herbs as Herbal incense gets affected. Their use is also affected. It lays an effect even on the legal and proportionate use of these incenses in environments which use them carefully. The laws are not imposed to unnecessarily shorten the reach to such materials but they are implemented because people in the flow of the use of Herbal incense often forget that what they are feeling to be good could also be harmful to them in the long run and could be allergic with side effects which are not called for. The blends that may get affected may be of Matrix, Cobra etc and have to be eliminated including the current and previous produce. They cannot be stored in any previously rolled form after the ban is introduced. Such laws are necessary and help curb the indecent use of such effective products. The legal highs are often overdone by the users and the freedom is taken for granted.

More about the herbal incense

Herbal incense reviews are easily available online and you can very well come across the varieties, their uses and even proportions and mediums to obtain them. Such reviews are useful if we use Herbal incense responsibly. If this is done no laws will affect the Herbal incense blends. The Herbal incense and the associated legal highs in any form of use such as therapies can be understood and promoted with a certain degree of responsibility towards the law implementing its use in the designated region and fields.

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Using Legal Herbal Incense to Enjoy and Relaxhttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/using-legal-herbal-incense-to-enjoy-and-relax/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/using-legal-herbal-incense-to-enjoy-and-relax/#comments Sun, 04 Mar 2012 15:51:34 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=601

Herbal incense and legal highs have been in the market for many decades. They are widely used across the globe for many reasons. One of the most popular reasons as to why people use these products is for relaxation purposes. Basically, herbal incense contains an incredible aroma. It is soothing and calming hence, provides a great relaxing feeling when smoked. What’s more, legal highs contain a wide range of ingredients that provide a relaxing feeling. Therefore, they allow you to have peace of mind, enjoy quality sleep because the mind is well relaxed and stimulate a sense of calmness.


They also contain a wide range of aromas. Therefore, you will always get to choose an aroma that suits you best. However, when using the products for relaxation, it is highly advisable to observe caution. Inhaling a great deal of smoke from these products can be harmful to your health. Therefore, take time to find products that contain safe and legal ingredients to avoid exposing yourself to possible risks. Additionally, before using the products, it is wise to purchase from reputed dealers. Shop around and settle for quality products in order to calm your nerves with blends of the finest quality.herbal incense reviews


Similarly, blends should be used in their correct quantities for relaxation. Over the recent past, many people have been using blends in extra quantities for enhanced relaxation or to feel high than usual. However, this is not recommendable for your general health. Follow instructions as provided by a dealer. This is the best way to ensure safe and effective use of blends. What’s more, herbal incense blends for relaxation are prescribed and should be used as intended. This is similar to blends that are offered for therapy. Take time to understand the use of each blend because they come in a wide range and each level of aroma or scent works differently in calming your nerves.


If you want a perfumed home and want to relax then you can burn the herbal incense. It is also used for some religious reasons, to help in meditation, perfume the air etc. It is made from different kinds of flowers, herbs, roots etc. You can make your own blend using custom blends or it can be readily available which you can purchase. The quality and quantity both should be maintained. If you know how to light the incense then it can start off and it is probably easier also.


If you need to light the items, you need an incense holder or lighter. The ingredients which you need to burn this incense are self-igniting incense charcoal, lighter or matches, censer or heat proof pot, dried herbs, resins, gum arabic, wire rack, plastic clingfilm etc. You need an incense placeholder to place the incense. Light the match so that both incense sticks and cones are lit and now you can rage the fire. Drag the flame away when it gets fire. It should burn a little causing a thin stream of smoke. Herbal incense is tempting and can create subtle stream of smoke which can give earthy scent.

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Herbal Incense Update and the New Organic Sachethttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/herbal-incense-update-and-the-new-organic-sachet/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/herbal-incense-update-and-the-new-organic-sachet/#comments Tue, 10 Jan 2012 18:26:06 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=578

Initially promoted for its healing and stress relief characteristics, herbal incense has progressed to consist of a lot of applications which are attractive to most people. Aromatherapy is an old-fashioned type of healing, thought to be capable to not only get rid of aching from despair as well as nervousness, but also to augment ingenuity plus creativity.
organic sachet
Merchandize marketed as herbal incense consist of those that can offer the user with inebriation similar to cannabis sativa. Spice was the initial incense mixture so be markets way back in 2004 across Europe, and the phrase ‘spice’ has now become identical with herbal incense. Fame burst out and many more trademarks followed in Europe and other parts of the globe. Small quantities of a chemical referred to as JWH-018, an artificial cannabinoid, were discovered in these early merchandizes and were accountable for the upshots of ‘spice.’

Whereas JWH-018 is an intoxicant comparable to cannabis sativa, did generate a number of nervousness in a number of users (as is the case with cannabis sativa) and was later forbidden in Europe. JWH-018 was a widespread constituent in legal highs marketed in the United States. Nonetheless, small quantities of herbal incense consumers suffered panic attacks, however no hurts were reported.

Having noted this effect, on 24th November, 2010 the DEA publicized a momentary ban of numerous components found in a number of lawful herbal incense mixtures. The components on the veto list are 497, JWH-018, CP-47, JWH-073 and JWH-200. This injunction was deferred to 1st March, 2011 as a result of antagonism from the incense industry. Nonetheless, the veto is in effect for duration of one year and this gave rise to what many call 2nd Generation Herbal Incense Blends, or 50 State Legal Herbal Incense.

The DEA will take advantage of the one year to analyze the likely consequences on health so as to make a decision on whether the veto ought to remain permanent.
organic sachets
As a result of this ban, the legal highs sector reacted by reformulating merchandise by making use of other lawful artificial cannabinoids, for example, JWH-019 along with JWH-081. The good news is that the reformulated merchandize still generate the same intoxication effects without having to worry about the anxiety or panic attacks that JWH-018 could generate in a couple of individuals. Due to the DEA ban, manufacturers were able to come up with a better product, as is likely to continue to happen.

What’s more is that, a majority of individuals who relish cannabis sativa have now switched to herbal incense not only for purposes of legality and to costs, but also for the mere fact that herbal incense cannot cause somebody to fail a drug test.

With new legislation on horizon, namely the Senate Bill S. 605 and it’s House companion H.R. 1254, there will likely be further restrictions and then another generation of herbal incense.  In fact, we don’t have to wait, it’s already here 3G Herbal Incense or 3rd Generation Herbal Incense has already hit the shelves and caters to the States, Counties and municipalities with the most stringent restrictions that are quite possibly on the horizon nation-wide if the above bills become law (see sidebar to help stop this).  The new herbal incense, or legal highs, are going by the labels of organic sachets.  You can an Organic Sachet called Demon Free and Bayou Blaster Redoux also falls into this category.   These blends are quite good for their limitations and are expected to get even better as more and more blends hit the market in the coming months.  It’ll be interesting for sure.

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What is Considered to Be 50 State Legal Herbal Incensehttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/what-is-considered-to-be-50-state-legal-herbal-incense/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/what-is-considered-to-be-50-state-legal-herbal-incense/#comments Tue, 27 Dec 2011 20:09:31 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=560

For those who wants to get legal highs you might want to know what is considered to be Legal herbal incense. This only means that it doesn’t contain any ingredients or isn’t part of the DEA or Drugs Enforcement Administration BAN. These are the products that are considered to be legal herbal incense. So, you can still get the natural high through various legal highs that aren’t BAN by the DEA. They aren’t included to the 5 chemicals in the market today that are commonly associated with this substance.   However, there are states that have even stricter restrictions and rules, banning even more substances, and these would necessitate what we are now calling 50 State Legal herbal incense.  These are the products that have only substances which can be legally used in all over 50 states of the US. They aren’t restricted for anyone to use it. There are a lot of them in the market that you can still enjoy using them but always be reminded not too much though always with moderation.

A few examples of 50 State Legal herbal incense are Bayou Blaster Redoux and Demon Free herbal incense.

The chemicals that have this substance in them that are under the BAN from the DEA are JWH-018, JWH-073, JWH-200, CP-47,497, and cannabicyclohexanol. In the Official Notice of Intent that the DEA filed and recorded in the Federal Register the original copy includes a 6th chemical that is AM-678 but it has been removed from the DEA’s scope. There have been various information and fuss going around the whole US regarding the ban of this substance. There are as well online articles that relate to this ban. In most of these articles it had mentioned that the Drug Enforcement Administration or DEA has temporarily issued a year BAN to all products that has this substance are actually absolutely hoaxes. There is no BAN regarding that. There are even some products brands and names mentioned but absolutely none of them are banned. There are only 5 chemicals as mentioned above that has the substance are the only ones that are banned.

There are reputable manufacturers of these products that can give you the legal highs that you need.  You have the freedom to feel good and not get any violation to any government laws. So, if we are going to do a summary on what are the things that are considered illegal then let us do it for clarity. Those products that were mentioned in the list of DEA that contained one or more of the five synthetic cannabinoids are illegal.

It might be surprising that DEA put a BAN on some of the aromatic incense into a schedule 1 type which is more restrictive type than the cocaine. Everyone knows cocaine is totally the type of drugs that shouldn’t be considered as it can really destroy someone and what we have are just the herbal ones. This is quite confusing because if you come to think of it  if you are going to visit any hospital there are more victims or accidents because of alcohol rather than this type of substance.

All sounds almost bearable for most, right?  Well, if what’s on the horizon goes down it’s going to suck bad – but not for long.  Currently your friendly neighborhood congressmen (and senators) are trying to pass what’s being called the “Synthetic Drug Control Act of 2011″ (H.R. 1254 and S. 605) .  What this bill aims to do is to make “any material, compound, mixture, or preparation which contains any quantity of cannabimimetic agent” illegal.  The bill defines “cannbimimetic agents” as any substance that is a cannabanoid receptor type 1 (CB1 receptor) agonist as demonstrated by binding studies and functional assays.   In essence, if passed, this law will make all currently available herbal incense products illegal.  However, it will also have the effect of “the market” seeking new and readily available alternatives, thus making the law completely ineffective…. and around we go.

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Common Ingredients Found in Herbal Incense and Legal Highs Productshttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/common-ingredients-found-in-herbal-incense-and-legal-highs-products/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/common-ingredients-found-in-herbal-incense-and-legal-highs-products/#comments Fri, 09 Dec 2011 15:32:39 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=556

Did you know that herbal incense is one of the most commonly sorts after product in the realm of aromatherapy? Whereas incense has been utilize for hundreds of years for ceremonial, religious and medicinal reasons, today’s lawful wholesale of legal highs brands have made the procedure of utilizing incense handier than before. Herbal incense is made up of a large amount of components that can create the best fragrant blend.

Listed herein, are some of the most commonly utilized elements in in today’s legal buds brands:


In a layman’s term, herbs are the core of any legal buds brand. The list of aromatic plants that can be utilized is basically endless. Every aromatic plant creates a distinct fragrance. Therefore, when choosing herbal incense brand, it is critical to not only study about the various thymes as well as constituents within herbal incense, but to also search for the kind of fragrance that it creates.

Another critical point to think about is that particular herbs hold the same fragrance whether they are fresh or cooked, whereas the perfumes of other thymes change once they are cooked. As such, it is paramount that you carry out some research regarding the fragrance alteration of particular aromatic plants, or carry out some analysis on your own. Both the steps are critical in establishing the outcome of heating numerous kinds of thymes.

Damania is a major ingredient in many herbal incense blends, as is marshmallow leaf.  Wouldn’t sound like “marshmallow” would be potent, but that particular herb actually does the job quite well.  You’ll also find things such as wild dagga, blue lotus and other ethnobotanicals that people like to purchase in their pure forms.


Spice is also another element found in numerous herbal incense brands. Chances are that you have come across some of the spices used in making legal buds. In the same way as the thymes found in legal buds brands, various spices can have varying healing results. Such outcomes can influence your body, feelings as well as mind. Hence, it is paramount to do your research, so as to know more about the consequences that numerous spices’ fragrances can have on you. When included in numerous legal buds brands, spices can certainly light up your world. Nonetheless, the million dollar question is how?

Essential oils

Other that herbs and spices, essential oils are also commonly used ingredients in herbal incense and legal highs merchandises. As the name suggests, these oils are made up of “essence” of numerous plants which are utilized in aromatherapy. Authentic essential oils come from plants wholly. Whilst other merchandize assert to be “essential oils,” they only copy the fragrance of real essential oil. Consequently, whilst shopping for legal bud merchandize, it is paramount to look for those essential oils that stem from botanical material. Other types of “essential oils” are not so essential.

As is the case with other forms of ingredients in legal buds, make certain that you have carried out your research on the various emotional, physiological and psychological results that different kinds of plants can cause.

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How to Make Herbal Incense at Homehttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/how-to-make-herbal-incense-at-home/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/how-to-make-herbal-incense-at-home/#comments Mon, 18 Jul 2011 20:35:38 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=316

It’s already been years since the popularity of herbal incence began. Asian traditions highly contributed to the popularity of herbal incense worldwide.   The type of herbal incense that we review on this site is a bit different as more people search it out for the legal highs effect, but you can use some of these methods to begin the creation of your own herbal damaniaincense at home and add the various “other” ingredients to it, such as Damania or whatever (jwh), that you so choose to add your own special incense “effect” and aroma.

Herbal incense in the traditional sense is made from herbs in the form of powder like the vanilla, cinnamon, sage, sandalwood, cedar, and thyme. Because of its popularity due to its fragrant and relaxing smell, lots of people managed to share their simple method in making home made incense.

The method in making incense is moderately easy. Just hand in all the materials, you will surely arrive at the right product. Things you will need in this tutorial are your desired herbs, essential oil, odorless charcoal, mortar and pestle, dish with sand, and a match stick.

You will start it out by choosing herbs. Use the freshest herbs around your backyard as much as possible. Fresh herbs can generate more fragrance when heated. After this, use the mortar and pestle to pulverize the herbs. After pulverizing, mix all the herbs together and add the essential oil. A few drops and essential oil would be enough. It will enhance the extraction of the herbs. After this, let the mixture stand jwhfor two (2) weeks in a cool, dry, and dark place. After two (2) weeks, fill the dish with sand. Place a single odorless charcoal on the sand. Burn the charcoal. Sprinkle the herbs mixture onto the lighted charcoal. In just a few minutes, you will slowly smell the fragrance of the mixed herbs throughout your house.

After this easy tutorial, you will arrive surely with the best herbal incence.  Home made incense is indeed affordable and easy to use and can provide an easy legal high. Don’t miss your chance to put some fragrant smell inside your home sweet home.  Who knows, you may just come up with the next killer recipe that will be sold on one of the big herbal incense sites and will become the talk of the net or a new 50 State Legal Incense blend that will be a knock out.  It’s not the difficult to do and to get the needed exposure if this is an area that you are good at and have an interest in.


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Buy Herbal Incense From Trusted Sources with No Harmful or Illegal Chemicalshttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/buy-herbal-incense-from-trusted-sources-with-no-harmful-or-illegal-chemicals/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/buy-herbal-incense-from-trusted-sources-with-no-harmful-or-illegal-chemicals/#comments Wed, 15 Jun 2011 00:16:38 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=305

It is no surprise that you are keen to buy herbal incense since the popularity of herbal incence is on the rise. It is just as essential to buy herbal incense from the right sources as it is that you buy the right brand. You must not only buy good quality incense for its aroma and potency but also to avoid risking side effects caused due to burning bad herbal incense in the search for the best legal highs.

When it comes to saving money, you are advised to go online. This will fetch you not just required information but also variety at less cost. That is why herbal incensemany people prefer shopping through the internet rather than from local shops.  And when you place an order do not go for bulk orders initially. If you are satisfied with the small order of herbal incense, you can think of continuing under the same supplier later on. This will make you a smart shopper.

If you know of anyone else who had previously bought herbal incence from a reliable supplier, you can take his/her advise, or better yet, look at some trusted herbal incense reviews on a particular legal high before you buy. Go through the customer reviews of various established sources that sell herbal incense and see whether the source you are looking to buy from gives you honest information regarding herbal incense and legal buds.

Buying herbal incence is perfectly legal but not always perfectly right for your health. If some website provides misleading information, that source must be definitely avoided. Ensure that the herbal incense you buy is totally free of harmful chemicals. There are sources that let you buy herbal incense through discreet shipping as well. See if the source maintains good standards in proper packaging of herbal incense. This will help you in satisfying yourself with the finest power of herbal incense. Ultimately, it is your satisfaction with your legal high of choice that matters the most. If the source of herbal incense guarantees you that along with safety of their product, you have definitely found the right source to buy herbal highs from without worrying about illegal or harmful chemicals.  Not sure where to start?  No worries – jump over to our herbal incense reviews page and check out ours, and other customers, reviews of some of the best herbal incense on the net.


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Herbal Incense – Herbal Kush That Remains Available in Most Stateshttp://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/herbal-incense-herbal-kush-that-remains-available-in-most-states/ http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/herbal-incense-herbal-kush-that-remains-available-in-most-states/#comments Sat, 07 May 2011 17:49:03 +0000 herbalincense http://www.herbalincensestore.com/?p=246

Herbal Kush is the latest in herbal blends, replacing the existing legal herbal incense products with better aroma and advanced power, which makes herbal smoking and legal highs still an intense experience. The herbal incense in the latest herbal Kush contains cloves, marshmallow leaf and high quality damiana with many perfumed essences available in many states worldwide. The herbal blends stuffed with the latest herbal Kush provides their customers a relaxing and gentle experience while enjoying the most effective herbal incense with Herbal Kush.

herbal kush
The Herbal Kush products are genuinely tested at herbal labs to ensure that they meet safety standards, bring out the effects that herbal incense is known for and meeting the quality expectations of the customers. These herbal blends are being marketed in most of the herbal shops and franchisees worldwide to ensure safety and satisfaction with regards to herbal incense of their clients. Herbal Incense is a core herbal and chemical product which removes the effects of cannabis. People are aware that taking care of their health is costly as they have to consult a doctor if anything goes wrong, pay him and also pay for the medical treatment. Maintaining the health of the body can avoid these unnecessary expenses and the easiest way is to get your herbal incense blends from a place that has a solid reputation and that also sells 50 State Legal herbal incense. They are made out of sophisticated herbs and are useful for health being available in many states at all herbal centers.
These herbal products motivate the body in producing necessary hormones and make us feel relaxed. The body also gets re-energized. These herbal blends are available at all wholesale shops or can also be purchased through many legal highs websites, where most of the herbal incense products related to herbal Kush are available in large numbers. There are many Herbal incense and herbal blends available in many states that are useful in eliminating stress and make us feel comfortable with their pleasant fragrance.  If you’re still not sure what’s legal where you live, check out our top recommended herbal incence sellers on our herbal incense reviews page – They’ll be sure to hook you up.


http://www.herbalincensestore.com/herbal-incense-review/herbal-incense-herbal-kush-that-remains-available-in-most-states/feed/ 0